Česká verze
International trade fair of the railway technology,
products and services for the rail and city transport.

Czech Raildays 2004 Snapshots

Click on the picture to get larger photos. Photo: Tomáš Kuchta

"Without delay..." - 9am, June 15, 2004, 5th edition of the international fair Czech Raildays opening its gates to the visitors. After the introductory speech of Ing. Aleš Zedník (Major of the city of Ostrava), JUDr. Jaroslav Soušek and Ing. Evžen Tošenovský the slip has been cut.

Number of exhibiting companies as well as attractiveness of the items attracted thousands of visitors.

Almost 20 companies haven't managed to register to the fair in the time. Due to lack of the space - mainly in the fair pavilion - they had to get over the loss of participation. Regular exhibitors preferred larger stands whose quality moved up noticeably.

The tipping simulation of 680 ČD Pendolino became the main attraction of the day - the place began to fill with the photographers outside and also with the visitors inside the unit every hour.

For all attractiveness of the Pendolino unit, its rounded curves had to step back, when finding telescope focused charming hostess in service of ČD, a.s.

Unexpected short visit of the prototype of motorised rail vehicle Dm12 for Finnish Railways.

Ostravský dopravní podnik goes with its partners hand in hand and shows new exponates for public transport with honour every year.

This take proves, that the exposition could be taken in very unconventional way. Some visitors looked down on the exhibit, nodded and took a walk around, while the others - mainly pondering youth realised, that these doors are the right way for passing the crash barriers.

Not only locomotives were the point of interest for the visitors - every area of the rail transport had its representative, for example handling machines, ...

... to-way units, ...

... various mechanism, ...

... freight units, etc.

The first day of the fair showed some more festive presentations - in this case Siemens company unveiled their Dispolok pool - where participated (from left) Ing. E Ing. Evžen Tošenovský - hetman of Moravian-Silesian region, Ing. Jan Maj - general manager of TS divizion and manager of Siemens, Mr. Jürgen Federmann - Dispolok representative, Ing. Jan Komárek - general manager of SŽDC, s.o., and Ing. Petr Kousal - general manager of ČD, a.s.

As in previous year, there was an informal evening following the pattern established in the past at Atom hotel and the garden party at recently opened area of the Slezskoostravsky castle opened by the group of the historical swordplay.

… And finally the cakewalk. Even this picture should be added to this category of snapshots, although for its acquisition, the progressive clearing of the area on Friday 18. And thanks to the accident, two units were spotted beside themselves for a while - the class 680 Pendolino ČD and two locomotives of Dispolok - ES 64 F4 - 089 and ES 64 U2 - 006.

The seminars are also established part of the Czech Raildays, generally being held at Sloupová Síň at the main railway station Ostrava - hl.n. This year wasn't exception.