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 Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s. - visit us on our booth B-08

Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s. - visit us on our booth B-08

Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s. (ZSSK CARGO) is the biggest rail freight operator in the Slovak Republic. The market share of our company in the rail freight transport accounts for almost 80 per cent.
Apart from the main activities of ZSSK CARGO, which are the performance of transport and business activities on the railway, the company on the basis of the requirements of the external and internal environment also carries out:

Wagon maintenance services:
Corrective maintenance according to GCU, preventive maintenance, maintenance delivery function according to Commission Regulation No 445/2011, change to construction, cooperation with the ECM, technical support and inspection, workshops, mobile workshops…

Locomotive maintenance services:
Periodic maintenance (operational maintenance, simple inspection, large inspection, main repair), unplanned repairs, repair of electronic equipment, maintenance of batteries, setting engine output, filtration and drying of transformers oils, technical inspection, checks, handover and technical-safety testing, diagnosis of electronic systems, chemical and physical testing of operational material, change to construction…

Our services in figures:

1 000 000 - maintenance and repairs services in standard hours per year

89 000 - number of maintenance and repairs orders per year

15 000 - number of wagons for which ZSSK CARGO is the entity in charge of maintenance (ECM)

7 - days a week the Rolling Stock Services Division provides its services

ZSSK CARGO holds Certificates of quality granted under international standards STN EN ISO 9001:2009 and OHSAS 18001: 2009.

3M ČESKO, spol. s r.o.

3M ČESKO, spol. s r.o.

Innovative solutions and technologies

3M as a world leader in adhesive solution is certified supplier of major European railways and manufactures of rail vehicles with wide product portfolio including adhesives, sealants, tapes, protective foils, label materials and reclosable fasteners.

In the railway section you can find solutions from more than 40 technology platforms, for instance adhesive systems, grinding material, foils, occupational health and safety products.

A significant part of 3M ´s culture is innovation. Annually 3M invests more than one billion U.S. dollars in research and development, in which about 7,000 of the world‘s 75 000 employees are active. With establishments in more than 60 countries, 3M belongs to the greatest international inventors with more than 26.000 patents demonstrating its innovative strength.

We are looking forward to meet you at our booth. More information please find on www.3m.cz or call +420 261 380 200.
ABIRAIL CZ s.r.o. - Czech Raildays 2019 - booth A1-47

ABIRAIL CZ s.r.o. - Czech Raildays 2019 - booth A1-47

Supplier of a professional level solution for automatic passenger counting in the public transit systems (in railway vehicles, trams, buses, or trolleybuses) and in open areas of the stations and public transit terminals.

At the trade fair we will introduce the whole ecosystem, from the sensors for capturing the data on passenger movements, to smart processing of the captured data in the application ABIRUN APC and presenting them in clear reports, easy to use and to support your proper decision. Come to see us!

Advanced World Transport a.s.

Advanced World Transport a.s.

The AWT brand provides an umbrella for a group of transport and logistics companies with 60 years of experience and international renown. AWT is directly represented in eight European countries and cooperates with a broad network of partners worldwide.

AWT delivers transportation services, especially by rail where the Group ranks among the largest private transporters in the whole of Europe. The Group also operates rail forwarding, comprehensive rail siding services and an extensive fleet of more than 160 locomotives and 6,000 wagons. AWT, as one of the pioneers of intermodal transport, owns a strategically positioned terminal at Ostrava-Paskov. The Group also offers road, air and sea transport, complete with associated services.

In addition to the transport of coal, chemical products, steel, timber and paper, AWT also consolidates its position with shipments of automotive parts and container transport. The Group’s range of services also includes landscape reclamation.


· controllers
· rail brakes
· switches
· couplers
· heating units
· switchgears
· DC supplies

· DC disconnectors
· power contacts
Alstom Transport

Alstom Transport



The new version of the proven Coradia Lint 41 train developed by ALSTOM is a two-car diesel multiple unit with two entrances per side. This new generation train offers space for up to 125 seats (including tip-up seats) and reaches a maximum speed of up to 140 km/h. The traction power is 2x390 kW. The Coradia range modular platform allows a variable interior design.

The Coradia Lint 41 train is homologated in the Czech Republic.

Visit us on Czech Raildays 2015 at our stand A1-34.

ANTRA Sp. z o.o. – components for freight wagons

ANTRA Sp. z o.o. – components for freight wagons

Since the founding of our company in 1993 we have gone a long way and transformed from a freight wagon producer into a one of the most recognized European suppliers of railway parts used in production and maintenance of freight wagons.

Are you looking for just a few pieces of pins or are you a major producer of freight wagons seeking new suppliers? Please, do not hesitate to contact us, every request will be treated with maximum engagement and professionality.

Among others, following items are usually kept on stock:
- Draw gear ANTRA (1 MN, 1,5 MN)
- Screw couplings, draw hooks, draw bars, buffers
- Side bearer, links, suspension stones & double stones, pins, push buttons, spring cups etc.
- Pivots, connecting rods, brake levers, brake triangles
- Brake shoe holders, brake shoes (grey iron, composite)
- Wheelsets, springs
- Fasteners
- Customized solutions according to your drawings

Visit us at Czech Raildays 2018, stand A1-51.

BORCAD cz s.r.o. - at Czech Raildays 2018 stand A1-13

BORCAD cz s.r.o. - at Czech Raildays 2018 stand A1-13

BORCAD company is focused on the development and production of seats for passenger rail transport. The company´s portfolio covers the segment of regional and long-distance transport, as well as the highest class of travel. New additions to the product family include the VISIO seat for regional connections and the FLEXIO seat for long-distance connections.

At this year BORCAD will present a project for Slovak Rail, which started in March 2018. GENIO seats are delivered for new express coaches produced by ŽOS Vrútky. A total of twenty cars with capacity of 84 seats will be delivered as part of the project. The design of the covers is changed in comparison with usual Slovak Rail preferences. The new design is inspired by the traditional Slovak folk architecture, which has been preserved to this day in the village called Čičmany.



Visit our exposition of railway construction and maintenance equipment. Find our stand B-11 in the open area.

We have been supplying small railway equipment in the Czech and Slovak Republic since 1991. We offer a wide range of specialized tools, machines and accessories. We have been an exclusive business representative of Rotabroach, Airtech International, FCS Rail Equipment, Karnasch Professional Tools.

We offer:
- deep professional knowledge of all machines
- 22 years of experience in the field
- large stock of goods
- direct contact with the producers
- innovative approach and tailored solutions
- internal service of machines in Brno, collection places in Prague and Ostrava
- stock of spare parts
- comprehensive range of tools and accessories
- grinding of annular cutters

This year we are ready to introduce:
- New mechanical power wrench with sleeper drilling adaptor
- New model of diesel rail head grinding machine
- Rail saw with petrol engine
- Drilling machines, power wrenches, rail stressors, ballast tempers, seam cutters, and much more,

Looking forward to your visit,

DAKO-CZ, a.s. - Czech Raildays 2020, stand A1-02

DAKO-CZ, a.s. - Czech Raildays 2020, stand A1-02

DAKO-CZ is the leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic brake systems for rolling stock with a tradition dating back more than 200 year. The firm, which has a planned annual turnover of around 40 million euro (equivalent to one billion Czech crowns), 70 % of which is made up of contracts abroad, is based in Třemošnice in eastern Bohemia. Its majority shareholder is the company CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP a.s. Its other shareholder is TATRAVAGÓNKA a.s. Poprad, the biggest manufacturer of freight wagons and bogies in Europe.

DAKO-CZ supplies brake systems and components for freight and passenger vehicles, suburban units, locomotives, metro cars and trams. Rolling stock with DAKO brakes can be seen not only in Europe, but also in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Algeria, where the company collaborates with global rolling stock manufacturers and rail transport operators.

DAKO-CZ possesses the very latest technologies for cutting material with great precision. Since 1996 it has applied a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. It currently complies with the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard. Our company fully identifies with the philosophy of applying IRIS – International Railway Industry Standard. This audit is one of the most important tools for certifying that DAKO-CZ is capable of meeting the very high demands stipulated for the manufacture of brake systems and components for rolling stock in the rail sector.

“We largely contribute to safety on railways”


DILAX Intelcom GmbH

DILAX Intelcom GmbH

DILAX is a leading provider of intelligent system solutions for capturing, managing and analyzing passenger flows. The company's portfolio includes automatic passenger counting, dynamic seat management as well as modular software tools for data analysis.
The DILAX Citisense software is able to manage, aggregate and evaluate a variety of data additionally to classic passenger counting numbers (APC). Complex algorithms recognize and analyze relationships between these data from heterogeneous sources.
The software is able to find patterns, create simulations for upcoming events and determine respective predictions (machine learning) in terms of passenger loads.
Therefore, better planning of resources is possible with DILAX Citisense.

We are on booth A1-49.

duagon AG

duagon AG


Since 1995 duagon develops, manufactures and supports leading train communication and control solutions for a large customer base around the world. At the Czech Raildays 2017 exhibition, we would like to use the opportunity to present our latest products and solutions such as Interface Cards, Gateways, Remote I/O, Repeater, I/O Platforms, WTB Gateways, supporting different kind of field bus communication including MVB, Ethernet (CIP, IPTCom, PROFINET, TRDP), CAN, RS,....

Visit us on Czech Raildays 2017. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our booth A2-14.
Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

For more than 60 years, Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. specializes in development, design, production and mounting of elements of overhead contact lines for railway, tram, and trolleybus transportation. Another branch of activities is supplies of electro-technological units such as traction substations, converter stations, transformer stations, and switching stations including remote control.

Company’s profile activities include production and mounting steel structures, lighting masts, and metal processing including surface treatment. Within the scope of engineering services, we offer expert consultations, technical advice, feasibility studies, and design plans. The Company pursues a continuous and complex modernization, places great emphasis on flexible approach to customer’s requirements, and especially on quality of works and materials; thanks to all this, the Company has gained its position of a major supplier and contractor within the scope of railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

Through our subsidiary companies in Slovakia and Hungary, we hold a leading position in the respective local markets and due to our export strategy we expand also to South-East Europe. We supply elements of overhead contact lines to countries overseas as well.
fgFORTE Ltd.

fgFORTE Ltd.

fgFORTE Ltd. was founded in 2003. The company focuses on the production, sale and servicing of lead acid batteries. fgFORTE Ltd. is now one of the leading Czech producers and suppliers of various types of batteries and battery accessories.

The Kroměříž-based industrial battery manufacturer will present at the 2015 Czech Raildays trade fair mainly the products approved for use on railway tracks, especially in the field of communication and security equipment.

Additionally, we will present new interesting product lines including Nickel-cadmium batteries and EV Traction Dry Cell batteries at the fair.

fgFORTE Team is looking forward to meeting you and discussing topics related to current trends in the area of industrial batteries and backup power.

Czech Raildays 2016 - Stand A2-04
GERB Visit us on Czech Raildays 2017 on our booth A1-47

GERB Visit us on Czech Raildays 2017 on our booth A1-47

GERB Vibration Control -
Vibration Isolation by Floating Slab Track Systems

Rail transport systems cause vibrations and structure-borne noise, which can be disturbing in sensitive areas such as residential buildings, concert halls, and hospitals.

GERB constructs floating-trackbed systems, offer protection measures to reduce these vibrations, and enable rail systems to adhere to compulsory limit values. Depending on the damping required, spring systems or elastomeric pads can be used.

Thanks to low frequency system resonances, simple design, and reduction of maintenance, GERB systems offer an effective and reliable solution for protection of nearby buildings. They can be implemented in tunnels, at ground level, on bridges and viaducts. Depending on the system frequency and surrounding conditions, verifiable insulation efficiency of up to 99% can be achieved.

The GERB system is used for:
• tram, underground, and elevated railway tracks in local public transportation
• complete tracks including high-speed tracks in long-distance public transportation
• heavy load tracks in goods transportation.
GERB provides elastic support systems, engineering, assembly and inspections to solve your vibration problem. You can find our complete range of services here.

We work worldwide with consultants, planners, construction firms and operators.

Contact us for further information.



KINEX BEARINGS belong to leaders concerning deliveries of axle cylindrical roller bearings for railway industry in Europe.
The beginning of production of single row cylindrical roller bearings for railway axleboxes dates back to 1959.
Single row cylindrical roller bearings for railway industry are produced in accordance with requirements of European Standard EN 12080 and have been tested according to European Standard EN 12080 or UIC 515-5. Cylindrical roller bearings are characterized by low friction resistance, low temperature, low component wear and high load rating.
Row cylindrical roller bearings from KINEX BEARINGS are using in:
- axle seatings of freight wagons, passenger coaches, electric and diesel locomotives,
- transmission
- traction motors and generators
- compressor´s motors, fans motors
- exciters and charging dynamos of electric and diesel locomotives

In case of axlebox seatings of freight wagons, KINEX BEARINGS offers delivery of axlebox bearings for 22,5 and 25 tons axle load.
Knorr-Bremse GmbH

Knorr-Bremse GmbH

The Knorr-Bremse Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles. For more than 110 years now the company has pioneered the development, production, marketing and servicing of state-of-the-art braking systems. In the rail vehicle systems sector, the product portfolio also includes intelligent entrance systems, HVAC systems, power conversion systems, control components, and windscreen wiper systems, as well as platform screen doors, friction material, driver assistance systems, and control technology. Knorr-Bremse also offers driving simulators and e-learning systems for optimum train crew training.

Within the Knorr-Bremse Group, the Knorr-Bremse GmbH in Moedling is developing and producing many products, like magnetic track brakes, eddy current brakes, flange devices, windscreen wiper and wash systems, sanding systems and brake testing equipment. The company is responsible for sales and distribution in 14 countries in Central and Eastern Europe with own branch offices in Czech Republic, Poland and Romania. The Knorr-Bremse Division IFE Automatic Door Systems delivers entrance systems to rail manufacturers and operators worldwide. The subsidiary Dr. techn. Josef Zelisko GmbH, founded 1918 in Moedling, develops and manufactures rail signaling systems and instrument transformers as well as traffic management systems. The subsidiary Unicupler Glarus GmbH is an agency for various railway products in the Eastern European market. In 2014, Knorr-Bremse took over EKA d.o.o., the Macedonian specialist for test benches and mobile test devices.

Visit us at booth B7!
Lantal Textiles AG

Lantal Textiles AG

Lantal is a leader in the design, production, and distribution of textiles and services for the international community of aircraft, railway and bus operators.
Lantal provides the entire spectrum of soft interior elements with single-source convenience. The company rounds out its competence in all-in-one solutions with ready-to-install products such as headrest and seat covers, precut carpets as well as design and engineering services.
Lantal's certified in-house laboratory is equipped with the resources needed to test interior components as specified by EN 45545-2 standard.


Visit us at Czech Raildays 2018, stand A1-30.
LAPP Czech Republic s.r.o.

LAPP Czech Republic s.r.o.

LAPP Czech Republic s.r.o., headquartered in Otrokovice, is a part of the worldwide Lapp Group. The owner of the group, which employs close to 3,500 employees, is the Lapp family. The group consists of 18 manufacturing and 40 distribution companies and cooperates with approx. 100 foreign representatives.

LAPP Czech Republic s.r.o. manufactures and supplies power, control, and data cables as well as cable accessories and complete customised solutions (cable assemblies) for direct application in machinery and equipment. Cable assemblies are produced here in the Czech Republic. They are commonly used in the production of machines/equipment, cabinet equipment, instrumentation, and control equipment and automation.

In 2016, LAPP Czech Republic s.r.o. expanded its range of cables and cable accessories for the field of railway vehicles according to the international certification, where its main advantages include high product quality, delivery reliability and customer service, availability, and the possibility of supply from 100 meters.


Visit us at Czech Raildays 2018, E-01
MOLPIR s.r.o. - at Czech Raildays 2018 stand A1-13

MOLPIR s.r.o. - at Czech Raildays 2018 stand A1-13

MOLPIR is a trading company focused on the development, production, import and distribution of a wide range of accessories not only for railway technology.

MOLPIR has been operating on the European market for over 25 years. From the beginning, the company´s ambition is to fulfill customers ideas and dreams of comfort and safety of their vehicles. Everybody has dreams of the equipment of their vehicle, bus, train, trams…

MOLPIR can transform your dreams into reality.

• MOLPIR specializes also in deliveries of:
• FUNTORO Multimedia Assemblies
• WIFI solutions
• Camera systems
• USB chargers
• Distribution of 230V
• Battery chargers
• Air conditioning
• Heating


MSV Metal Studénka, a.s. - DIE FORGINGS

MSV Metal Studénka, a.s. - DIE FORGINGS


MSV makes die forgings and pressings from 1 - 70 kg with top quality for various industries (railway, automotive, agriculture, building, hydraulics, power engineering, mining).

Company exports 80% of their production to more than 22 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.


• Material cutting and heating before forging
• Open and closed die forging
• Hot and cold pressing
• Heat treatment
• Grinding, blasting, welding, thread rolling
• Metal working and machining
• Painting and surface treatment
• Manufacture of forging and pressing tools
• Metallographic and mechanical testing
• Subassembly production

Visit us on Czech Raildays 2016 at our stand A1-31.

MSV Metal Studénka, a.s.
R. Tomáška 859
742 13 Studénka
Tel.: +420 556 472 111
Fax: +420 556 472 670




OLTIS Group - a leading provider of information systems for transport and logistics

The OLTIS Group Company operates in the area of information and communication technologies as a provider of information systems supporting all processes and segments of railway transport from data base through software support of traffic control, freight transport, passenger transport to information systems supporting management of railway transport. The company also focuses on the development, operation and maintenance of information systems for all transport sectors and also deals with the development of technological studies, analyses and consultancy.

OLTIS Group is the developer of a wide range of information systems for the management of rail transport with a full range of activities and links to the European transport network. It also participates in design, development and testing of information standards in the area of railway transport. Part of the activity is the development of complex software solutions enabling the expansion of standard business information systems with specialized superstructures. The solution can cover the entire area of transport logistics and rail, road, water, air and combined transport technology, with the emphasis on the interoperability of supported systems.

Although the headquarter is based in the Czech Republic, the group has its own subsidiaries in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth A2-07!


Ostravské opravny a strojírny, s.r.o.

Ostravské opravny a strojírny, s.r.o.

We are the largest repair plant of rail freight wagons in Czech Republic.

Our main activities are:
- modernizations, refurbishments and repairs
- development, design and production of new railway vehicles inclusive of expert assistance with approval
- repairs and renewals of spare parts, structural elements
- design and manufacturing of special tools and machinery for repair of wagons, components and for manipulation with them.

At the fair we are going to present a prototype of new rail freight wagon, category Falns(s), type 9-436.1.The four axle open hopper wagon is designed for operation in „SS“ mode.The wagon is intended for transport of loose materials, like coke, coal and gravel sand, with grain size from 2 to 250 mm. The wagon design enables fast loading and unloading. The side flaps are operated pneumatically or manually. The wagon design enables divided discharging.


The joint stock company PROKOP RAIL is a privately-owned Czech company with over 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of new technologies for railway infrastructure, particularly in solutions for railway road crossings and railway track noise reduction. Since 2006, the company has been working intensively on the issue of decreasing the sound pollution and vibrations of railway tracks that are produced primarily by the contact of the wheels with the track, undercarriages, traction motors, as well as the auxiliary aggregates located beneath the vehicles.

Under its own innovative programme, SPEED WITH SILENCE, which focuses on new technological solutions for noise-reduction elements for quiet railway tracks, the company has given preference to the utilisation of materials that come from utilisable waste from the rubber and automobile industries. Today's automobiles contain approximately 23 kg of high-quality textiles and technological waste created during the manufacturing process of individual parts in automobile construction currently amounts to approximately 2–3 kg per each manufactured vehicle.

This year's exhibition BRENS® Raildays Czech trade fair is focused on our products for environmental responsibility to build the railway in industrial areas and large urban cities and their impact on environmental quality. We introduce low-noise barriers with vegetation cover for green silent track BRENS® for urban and suburban railways and trams.

At the same time, we will also introduce the professional community to our traditional BRENS® products for railway road crossing construction, safety platforms, and track surface paving.

We are looking forward to seeing you at exposition number C06 - outdoor area.
První Signální, a.s.

První Signální, a.s.

První Signální is company well-established in the rail transport markets (railways, trams, subways etc.) and in markets where safe control systems takes place (energy, chemical and pharmaceutical industry). It builds on the 25-year history of the work of its founders in the field of automation and safe control systems.

Our competitive advantage is:

• reliability and speed
• readiness and willingness to resolve any customer need
• win-win strategy
• transparent and simple company structure – easy communication and personal relationships
• qualification (high level of education, language skills and longstanding experience in the field)
• know-how and innovation (high-end products and services)

Visit our stand B-06 at Czech Raildays 2017.
Rawet s.r.o. - at Czech Raildays 2018 stand A2-09

Rawet s.r.o. - at Czech Raildays 2018 stand A2-09

Development and production of measuring and control devices.

- Transmitters of electrical signals

- Resistance thermometers


Transducers for rail vehicles:

RMT Ltd. – supplier of special instruments

RMT Ltd. – supplier of special instruments

We supply special devices for measurement of geometrical parameters of tram and railway wheels, automated non contact gaging system for control of 27 geometric parameters of wheelpairs, monitoring and testing of longitudinal profile of the rail-wing head roll surface.

- Wheel diameter measuring gauge with Bluetooth interface
- Laser wheel profilemeter with Bluetooth interface
- Back-to-back distance measurement gauge with Bluetooth interface
- Automated systems for geometrical parameters of wheel sets

Welcome to our booth A1-38 at Czech Raildays

More information on Devices

Sklenář s.r.o.

Sklenář s.r.o.

Sklenář s.r.o. is associated with the area of rail transport more than 15 years, especially as a supplier of lubricants and friction modifiers for wheels and rails. We conclude solving the problem of wear of wheels and rails by offering special gauges MiniProf for recording and evaluation of cross profiles. The control of adhesion on slippery track we supplement with sanding equipment with innovative jet Sandmaus V4®.

In cooperation with strong foreign partners are able to give advice and choose the best solution for our customers. We provide consultancy and carry out installation, training, customer service and long-term monitoring.

If you want to learn more about our activities and offered products visit our booth A1-16 or contact us via

STARMON s.r.o. - stand A1-49 at Czech Raildays 2018

STARMON s.r.o. - stand A1-49 at Czech Raildays 2018

K-2002 – electronic interlocking for middle sized stations (up to 50 switching points)

GRADO – electronic documentation system for train movements, cooperates with K-2002

EFCP – electronic receiver for phase- sensitive track circuits

HAVIS – voice and visual information system for passengers

EZOP – electronic passenger information kiosk

DISTA – diagnostic system for interlocking

PNS-03 – axle counter with large number of sections and centralized processing

StarCam – vehicle identification processing, based on camera technology

ROSA – central processing of ASDEK station data

ASDEK – hot wheel, hot bearing and wheel shape diagnostics



Since its foundation in 1997, the joint stock company TRAMO RAIL, a.s. has acquired a reputation of a dynamic and economically stable construction company that deals with its clients, suppliers, employees as well as shareholders in a responsible way. The company disposes of ample technical and production base. Its employees hold necessary professional qualifications.

The company is thus fully prepared for the realization of orders regarding designated technical appliances and reserved technical appliances of maintenance, construction and reconstruction of overhead line and heavy-current appliances throughout the Czech Republic.

The amount of orders confirms the strong position of the company on the market. The company has managed to achieve top quality of the provided services, which is sustained by its credentials.

The company has applied an integrated system of management including the systems of quality management, environmental management, and management of health safety and protection at work according to the standards ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Main activities of the company
• construction, repairs, and inspections of reserved electrical appliances in the extent of effective permissions
• revisions, inspections, and tests of designated technical appliances in operation
• complete reconstruction of the overhead lines of the national railway and sidings
• overhead line of tram and trolleybus tracks
• outdoor lighting of railway stations and stops
• projection of construction
• operation of railway transport on national and regional tracks in the Czech Republic
• executing regular maintenance of overhead lines and heavy-current


UniControls company is a regular exhibitor of Czech Raildays. Train Communication Network developed in cooperation with Alstom belongs to the most sucessful products of this company and has been already applied in Pendolino Class 680 of CD, in Minuetto and Lanzaderas in Italy and Spain. Within the delivery to Alstom, it will be applied also in other countries. Technology licence has been sold to Canadian company Quester Tangent Corporation and the product will be mounted in Bombardier rail cars intended for New Jersey Transit.

UniControls systems have been operating in other countries as well, i.e. in Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Ukajine, etc.
Unicupler Glarus GmbH

Unicupler Glarus GmbH

Unicupler Glarus GmbH is an agency for various railway products in the Eastern European market. Reliability, flexibility and technical know-how is our success. Unicupler is able to fulfill individual requirements and to support customers with qualified advice on railway subjects.

Visit us at booth B7 (Knorr-Bremse)!
Westermo - stand A1-16 at Czech Raildays 2018

Westermo - stand A1-16 at Czech Raildays 2018

Westermo provides a full range of industrial data communications solutions for demanding applications in the transport, water and energy markets among others.

For more than 40 years Westermo has been at the forefront of technological development and often pushed the limits of what is technically possible.

In order to provide the best possible support, we have local presence in more than 35 countries through our authorized distributors and own offices.

Wikov MGI a.s. - Visit our stand No. 06, Hall A1

Wikov MGI a.s. - Visit our stand No. 06, Hall A1

Gear wheels, gearboxes and complet drives

Solutions for light rail vehicles, metro & suburban applications, locomotives and other mass transport vehicles

Light rail vehicles
- Fully and partially low floor trams
- High floor trams
- Tram-trains

Metro & suburban applications
- Metro units
- Electric multiple units
- Diesel multiple units

- Electric and diesel-electric locomotives
- Diesel locomotives
- Special rail vehicles

Other mass transport vehicles
- Monorails
- Trolleybuses
- Hybrid and electric buses

Wikov – The Essence of Engineering
- Flexible in design and delivery
- Extremely fast gear unit prototyping
- From one prototype to large series production
- Engineering competence
- Gear manufacturing tradition since 1918
- State of the art production technologies
- Complete drive train solution (gear units, couplings, traction motor, brakes)
- Extensive test facility up to 1.4 MW and simulated dynamic load 300 m.s-2
- Cold climate chamber test for design verification of drive operating in extremely cold conditions
- Aftermarket services including repairs, preventative maintenance, inspections and overhauls